Personalized Scripture Mugs

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Set your intention for the day with a personalized ceramic scripture mug. Choose from 25 Christian verses/virtues to remind yourself or a loved one of what truly matters, and add your own custom text on the opposite side. The 15-ounce capacity ensures you'll get the caffeine boost you need to start your day!

SELECT A VIRTUE: Choose from 25 pillars of Christian character with corresponding Bible verses to encourage yourself or a loved one to walk boldly in pursuit of God’s calling.

CHOOSE FROM 8 COLORS: Select a hue from our signature palette

CUSTOMIZE YOUR MESSAGE: Create a personalized gift by adding custom text to the back of the mug. You can even choose a special icon to add a little extra flair to your message. (See photos for details.) Icons will match the color chosen for the virtue.

Your custom mug is made to order! 

These quality ceramic mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

AVERAGE PRODUCTION TIME: 3-6 business days

AVERAGE TRANSIT TIME: 3-6 business days after item is produced

Please note, the timeframes above are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. If you don't receive a shipping confirmation email within 6 business days, or if you don't receive your item within 12 business days of the ship date, contact for a status update.